Today, Tilly went home and so did our campers! We had an exciting day full of fun activities and new experiences. First, we saw Tilly’s release! She came to the center as a Barnacle Bill, underweight and lethargic, and left as a happy, fat, healthy turtle! Then, we went to the beach, where we had a sand creation competition. We played a game where some campers were hatchlings and others were seaweed, and they had to hide in the seaweed to escape the sharks!

While the younger kids had fun beach time, the older ones did gyotaku, which is a Japanese form of art that uses fish to make prints. They also got a tour of our hospital and watched our turtles be fed. After lunch, the younger kids got a tour as well, and did a rescue to release simulation in our Junior Biologist Lab.

We wrapped up the day with popsicles and a game of Sea Turtle Jeopardy! The counselors were proud to see how much their kids knew, and while we’ll miss our campers this week, we’re excited for the new ones next week!!