Last Day of Camp!

August 10, 2012

Sadly this blog is the last one of the summer, but we had a great day!  Today the campers in both groups learned a lot about sea turtle rehab.

ImageWe will talk about the younger group first!  The day for the younger group started off with a powerpoint about Rescue to Release process.  Then the campers got to go into the hospital and learn about the different rooms and treatments that take place in there. While one half of the group was in the hospital, the other half of the group did a junior vet lab.  This lab lets them practice the basic procedures done on a turtle when it is in the hospital.

After that, the campers did Gyotaku fish printing which is a Japanese art form.  The real art form involves using real fish, but at camp we just use rubber replicas.  The prints the campers make are put onto shirts or bags and they look really awesome.  The last part of the day was pretty fun, the campers played jeopardy to review everything they had learned that week, and then they had some ice cream to celebrate all the fun we had in camp this summer.

ImageAs for the older group this week was definitely a lot of fun!  Today we did some awesome activities!  The day started off with a nest excavation with one of our on-staff marine biologists. The campers got to hold the eggs and found two live hatchlings!

They finished up yesterday’s shark dissections and got to aid Dr. Metee in a necropsy.

It was a fun day and an awesome summer. The counselors are sad to leave but we know the kids are excited for next summer!