Last Day of Camp!

August 16, 2013

Today was the final day of our Junior Marine Biologist summer camp! We started off the day with a PowerPoint about everything that happens to turtles from rescue to release at the center. Afterward we had some beach time and then lunch!

Later on we did some gyutaku fish printing, an ancient Japanese art form. Then the campers got to tour our turtle hospital! The kids were bursting with questions about the X-ray room, surgery room, blood work station, and fully stocked medicine cabinet! Then we did a Junior Vet Lab, where the kids pretended to be turtle doctors themselves and went through all the steps of rescuing a turtle.

We ended the day with some Turtle Jeopardy, where the campers had their knowledge of turtles questioned by the counselors! the older kids also got to perform their own necropsies with our rehab technicians.

Through all the sweat, hard work, and sometimes even tears we got through it! Thank you to everyone who made this camp a successful and totally turtley awesome one! Have a great school year!!