Turtle-Release Tuesday

June 30, 2015

As they walked into camp for the start of their second day, the campers were told that they were going to the beach and there was going to be a surprise. They all though this meant a little extra ocean time, but they got to experience a turtle release! The turtle releases was rescued yesterday and determined healthy after examination, it was only right to release the Loggerhead turtle; our campers got a front row seat to this release!


After the exciting beach time and lunch, campers went to the exhibit hall where Miss Teresa taught them all about nesting. The campers learned about Loggerhead, Leatherback, and Green sea turtle nesting and tracks as well as about the nesting process in general. With hatchlings being drawn towards the darkest light, the campers also learned that if living on the beach they should not have bright porch lights or replace them with a red-light alternative!


With their new-found nesting knowledge, turtle nesting dioramas were made. These showcased a nesting scene with facts about the chosen sea turtle species and hatchling predators on the side of the group’s design.