Conserving Wednesday!

July 29, 2015

Conservation was the theme of today! With two guest speakers coming in from Ocean rescue, campers got to learn all about ocean safety!


The campers then went and participated in a mini beach clean-up where they then learned all about the different types of trash they collected and what they could change in their daily lives to live a greener lifestyle!


After a refreshing lunch, campers then watched Miss. Allison’s demonstration of Drop in the bucket. Drop in the bucket used different sized containers and water to show campers the amount of water we have available for drinking compared the the amount of salt water and unusable freshwater. Once they saw the amount of water that wasn’t available for them to drink, they realized how important it is for them to limit their water use!

After learning about  the limited availability of water, campers were exciting to keep learning about the creatures of the ocean; the theme of today’s ocean creature learning was sharks! Mr. Nick taught campers all there is to know about sharks and rays with jaws to show them what they just learned!


After learning all about them, the campers participated in a mini fossil dig finding a variety of shark teeth, ray mouth plates, and ray barb fossils!


Parents came to pick campers up and they were sad that another day was over, but excited that tomorrow will be full of fun in the water at CORAL COVE!