Friday Turtle Adventures

June 30, 2017

Today was the last of Turtle Adventures! We had a good time finishing up the activities we hadn’t yet done! Today Loggerheads had a Coastal Habitat themed day, starting off with a worksheet about mangrove habitats, then learning about the zones of the sea with a little help from Mr. Ray. After lunch, they got some beach time before Miss Gillian gave the “Which Fish Is Which” presentation. Then they got to do the fish feeding in the exhibit hall tanks, and finally they did another worksheet where they made their own fish with adaptations specialized for their specific environments. The Greens also had a great day learning about predator prey relationships. They spent their Friday afternoon discussing the importance of food webs and their impact on a balanced ecosystem. The morning started off with a food web game demonstrating how predators and prey depend on each other. Then Miss Megan gave a presentation relating to this subject. Miss Nicole presented on sharks and rays, and the campers observed real shark jaws, and sifted sand for shark tooth fossils. After lunch, the Greens crafted their own shark tooth necklaces for a camp souvenir, and made their way to the beach for a plankton tow. They then looked at that same plankton under a stereoscope. Last but not least, the Leatherbacks had a great day off-campus. The Leatherbacks finally had their long-awaited field trip day!! We started the morning getting on a bus and driving to Jonathan Dickinson State Park. When we first arrived, we went straight to the observation tower. Miss Jenifer and Miss Savannah pointed out and described plants and organisms along the way! Once we arrive to the tower, the kids were taught about the Florida scrub ecology, controlled fires, primary succession, and much more about the wildlife in the area. We then took a short lunch break in the shade before heading over to the kayak dock. After a safety talk, we then took turns kayaking for an hour and a half! When we were done with that, we went inside for some AC and education. We went in the education and research center so the kids could complete an educational scavenger hunt around the center. We then had a surprise visit from a corn snake one of the volunteers brought out to show us. Overall, we had a great day at Jonathan Dickinson State Park. This was a great ending to an educational and exciting week of Junior Marine Biologist Camp!