Happy Friday!

July 14, 2017

Today was the last day of conservation kids! The Leatherbacks had a great day on their field trip. We spent our last day on a field trip to learn about responsible fishing. We started the morning at Juno Beach Pier practicing casting with weights. The kids first learned how to master the technique before they fished with a hook and bait. After that, Miss Savannah taught them how to rescue a sea turtle they find in danger. The campers learned to call FWC or Loggerhead and to not touch the injured animal when they rescue it. Miss Jenifer then taught them how to properly hold a fish, the responsible way, and how to tie a proper fishing knot. After that, the kids were finally able to fish at the pier. They were able to fish at the pier for a little bit before we left for our new location. After we arrived at Sawfish Bay, we rested and ate lunch before continuing to fish. We only caught a few fish while we were there, but the campers still had a great time! At the end of the day, we returned to the center early so our campers could finally plan their paper seeds with compost soil. The campers and counselors had a great last day of camp! While they stayed on campus, the Greens and Loggerheads had a great day as well! The Green turtles spent their final day of camp devoted to debris-free seas. The morning began with a tour of the exhibit hall to understand conservation efforts made by our research team, and a tour of the turtle yard to see how many of our turtle patients are in for debris-related causes. After that, Miss Megan gave a presentation on how litter impacts the environment, and how long it takes items commonly found of beaches to decompose/biodegrade. The campers then created their own beach clean-up devices out of recycled material, and, after lunch, tried out their products in a real beach clean-up (findings were given to our research team). The day ended with a game surrounding the breakdown of materials over the years in which campers guessed the “trash timeline” until they were able to identify different materials and the rate at which they take to break down. The Loggerheads also had a fun-filled day. The Loggerheads ended the week with a Sustainable Living themed day. They started off with a presentation from Miss Vanessa about making positive decisions in your life to benefit the environment. After that, they painted yogurt cups, which they can later use for a planter for pepper seeds. They spent some time at the playground before lunch, and they spent some time at the beach after lunch. Overall, they had a lot of exciting outdoors time today! Lastly, they headed back to LMC for a Gyotaku activity. They used fish printing with paint on a canvas bag they get to take home and use as a replacement for plastic bags. Every camper had a great time today! We are extremely sad to see them leave, but we’re happy they learned so much and we got to have so much fun with them! We hope to see them again soon at LMC!




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