Happy Thursday! Today at camp the Loggerheads and Greens both had fun filled days!
To begin our day, of course we answered our turtle questions and colored at our tables. Then we all headed down to Juno Beach and played in the shallow water! We loved looking for shells and little creatures living in the sargassum. Some of us also built some beautiful sandcastles, which we knocked down after in order to protect the sea turtles coming up to nest!   
After the beach, we had our lunches and played on the playground. It was such a lovely day outside, we just couldn’t get enough of it!
Following water breaks, we all joined together for a movie! We watched the inspiring Finding Dory. All of us laughed a lot and had some yummy snacks.
To close up the day, the Loggerheads chose more playground time and the Greens went to explore the turtle yard!
We cannot wait to finish up Ocean Adventures tomorrow!