August 10, 2018

Today we spent an amazing day together to finish off a fantastic camp summer here at LMC.

Sea Turtle Savers:


In the morning we ran down to the beach to help clean up some marine debris. We used our gloves and buckets to pick up plastics, fishing gear, and some other yucky junk.

Then we played in the waves one more time with our new friends.

Before we knew it, lunch time was upon us. We gobbled up our food inside the nice AC and then enjoyed some more sunshine out on the playground.

Back inside we went through a Jr. Educators power point with Ms. Nicole to learn how we can help educate the public about saving the ocean.

Then we were given the freedom to make our turtle dioramas! We worked so hard to make our friends and families proud.

Right before the turtle conference, we had a manatee master from Manatee Lagoon come and visit us. he educated us on manatees and why they are found at that lagoon during the colder months. It was interesting to learn about the lagoon and its inhabitants.

To close up the last day of camp, we showed our dioramas at the turtle conference. We had so much fun this week and cannot wait to go back to school to tell all our friends what we learned this summer.

Field Experiences:

Today was another excellent day of field work!

We started the morning by fishing off the Juno Beach Pier. We practiced the catch and release method and learned how to be responsible anglers.

Afterwards we headed down to the beach and participated in a beach clean up! We used some cool tools with our blue buckets to find all sorts of awful marine pollution.

Then we spent some free time in the water to cool off and enjoy the beautiful summer sun.

After lunch at LMC, we sorted through our marine debris and entered data with the head of the conservation department, Katie.

Finally, we presented our ethograms to the expert panel of judges!