Halfway through the week, and we can’t even believe it because we’re having such a great time learning how to be Conservation Kids! The Greens headed off campus today for their field trip at Grassy Waters and Manatee Lagoon while The Loggerheads stayed on campus today learning about cleaning up our seasons!

The Loggerheads (Mr. Dalton & Ms. Nicole)

Our day was spent learning all about promoting debris-free seas! We spent a lot of it outdoors and on our projects, but we can’t wait to show you how much fun we had today!

Our morning kicked off with a PowerPoint by Ms. Nicole about what marine debris is and how we can help prevent and reduce it!

We then packed up our buckets and headed down to the beach for a beach cleanup along the shore! We were surprised by all the trash we found and some of the items that were hidden in the sargassum and sand.





We even saw a little ghost crab.

Afterwards we jumped in the water for the second half of the morning since the sun was so hot.

We headed back up to LMC to change and have lunch, and after lunch we started in on our Trashy Treasure projects that we can’t wait to show you on Friday at the 3pm conference! We got really creative with our projects.





Before we knew it, our day was almost up so we headed out to the playground before packing up our bags for the day! We can’t wait to be back tomorrow for a turtle release in the morning, and snorkeling/seining at Blowing Rocks in the afternoon! See you then!

The Greens (Ms. Brook & Ms. Abby)

Today was our day to pack up our bags and head out on our field trip! We started off our morning at Manatee Lagoon where our Manatee Master friends taught us about manatees and how to protect them! We did a recycling game, wrote pledges on how we’ll help protect their populations, and tried to look for manatees, but there aren’t many here in the summer typically.








After lunch, we went to Grassy Waters Preserve for a nature scavenger hunt. We saw a blue heron, a hawk, frogs, snakes, kadydids, and even an alligator! It was such a great day (even though it was hot) outdoors!



We can’t wait to be back tomorrow to see a turtle release in the morning, and snorkel and seine at Blowing Rocks in the afternoon! See you tomorrow!