Our last day of Sea Turtle Savers is upon us, and although we’re sad to see such a fun week go, we made so many new friends and had such a great time that we left with smiles!

The Loggerheads (ages 6-9 Ms. Brooke & Ms. Abby)

We spent the day on campus learning to be Jr. Researchers, so we dove into the nesting process, nesting season, and what our research team does here at LMC!

We started our morning off with a trip to the exhibit hall to learn about tracking devices, PIT tags, flipper tags, and the nesting process from emergence on the beach of a momma turtle all the way to her eggs hatching out of the chamber 45-60 days later!

After lunch, we headed out to the beach for part of the afternoon one last time!



Once we got back to LMC, we changed and headed outside for a junior research lab simulating what our researchers do for a nest excavation!




We ended the day with our sea turtle conference, teaching the parents and staff what we learned this week!

The Leatherbacks (ages 10-13 Mr. Dalton & Ms. Nicole)

Our day was all about being Jr. Educators, and we were naturals at it! We started off our day with a beach-clean up not only compare what we found with the top ten items found on beaches, but also to help out the health of our oceans!

After we’d filled our buckets, we jumped in the water to spend the rest of the morning playing in the water!


Following our beach time, we headed back to LMC to change and have lunch!

After lunch Ms. Nicole gave us a presentation on why environmental education is important, as well as threats to sea turtles and ways we can help save them to relay to our friends and families. We then started in our projects for the conference summarizing everything we learned this week!








Once we finished up our projects, we headed to the turtle yard for one last goodbye to our patient friends!



We headed to the concert, and showed our friends and families everything we’d learned this week! We had an awesome week being a Sea Turtle Saver and hope to be back again!