Fun in the Sun!

June 8, 2017

Today was a great day to be at Junior Marine Biologist! While we canceled our trip to Dubois Park last night due to suspected weather, we still had a great day in the sun today! All three groups (the Leatherbacks, the Loggerheads, and the Greens) went to the beach in the morning. We had a great time going into the water (only to their knees or ankles due to the yellow flag), competing in making the best turtle out of sand, and learning about water safety from the friendly lifeguard on staff! The kids had a great time finally enjoying the sun by building castles, digging holes, and enjoying the waves (don’t worry, we flattened the sand out at the end to ensure it was turtle friendly)! After the beach, we brought the kids inside so they could cool down and eat lunch around noon. During this time, we took a break and watched a movie to relax. After the movie ended, however, the kids were right back up and running around on the playground. Then they had an awesome surprise at the end of the day when they got a certificate of adoption for Rudder the sea turtle! Every kid received a personalized certificate showing that they now adopted Rudder! Rudder was rescued after he was found with an old boat strike injury to his spinal cord in addition to his intestinal issues. The kids can now follow his progress at and know that he is getting better because of their help! Today was a more relaxing day, but all of the counselors incorporated as much educational aspects as possible throughout the day so their minds were still challenged!

Tomorrow will be another exciting day at the JMB summer camp! Sadly, it will be our last day of this week’s turtle adventure camp! 😦 That just means we will have the most fun though! 🙂 Tomorrow the Greens are excited to have their day learning about predators of the sea! They have been waiting for this exciting day all week! The Loggerheads will have their final day learning about habitats and why each part of a habitat is important to the whole ecosystem. Last, but not least, the Leatherbacks will have their turn at Jonathan Dickinson State Park! Hopefully the weather will be better than the rest of the week and they can kayak and go on the nature trials like planned. No matter what, our last day will be great with these awesome and intelligent young scientists!