Sadly, it was raining today so DuBois was cancelled, but the Greens and the Loggerheads still had a great day at LMC. The Leatherbacks had an amazing day snorkeling at Blue Heron Bridge.

Today the Greens and Loggerheads teamed up for a fun day on campus and got creative with daily activities since our Dubois Park trip was cancelled last minute due to inclement weather. The morning began with a presentation by Miss Vanessa about our “Rescue to Release” process Loggerhead Marinelife Center uses to get our beloved turtles back to the ocean as soon as possible. ┬áThe campers then created and designed their own turtle carapaces in a Show and Shell activity! After lunch, both groups headed out to the back deck to play some predator/prey themed games and make their own slime to bring home. Finally, they wrapped up the day with a fun marine themed movie.

Today was an exciting day for the Leatherbacks! They had the unique opportunity to snorkel at Blue Heron Bridge (a famous snorkel spot in Juno Beach). The campers were able to experience artificial recycled coral reefs and see plenty of reef fish (like rays, jellies, and much more)! They had a great time exploring the reef. It rained while we were out, but it still looked amazing underwater! After that, we took the bus back to LMC to dry off and have lunch. We also used this time to debrief on what we saw while snorkeling. When lunch was finished, Miss Savannah gave a PowerPoint about fish adaptations. The campers learned how to use morphological features to determine behavior, habitat, and much more! After that, the campers had time for dissection! They were all guided by Miss Prestyn through a squid dissection. They were able to identify many anatomical structures on the squid. The campers were even able to write with the squid’s ink!! When that was finished, we headed to the turtle yard so the campers could complete their daily observations. For the last activity of the day, we headed to the exhibit hall to watch the public fish feeding and learn about the many aquatic ecosystems in this area. Finally, the campers spent the end of the day until pickup working on their week-long projects! The Leatherbacks had an amazing day today!!

Tomorrow will be the very last day of summer camp, and it will be a great one! The Leatherbacks will be finishing up their projects for the week and learning more about conservation and pollution prevention. The Greens will finish up with their predator day and the Loggerheads will go on their field trip to Jonathan Dickinson State Park.