August 9, 2018

Sea Turtle Savers:

We had so much fun at camp today!
We started our day by heading down to the beach to make up for our lost field trip. We spent the whole morning there and played in the water because it was a green flag today! Don’t worry though, we took a break for snack time and to reapply our sunscreen. Some of us decided to hunt for some cool beach treasures too! We even practiced our turtle crawling up the beach. Turns out, it is way harder then we thought!
One of CITs did her part to help save the sea turtles when she pulled a plastic bad out of the ocean!
Back up at LMC, we ate our lunches in the cool AC of the learning center. Then we raced outside to play on the playground.
Inside, we listened to Ms. Nicole give a presentation about debris-free seas. We learned what is biodegradable and what is not. It was interesting to watch how plastics and other debris can end up in the ocean. This scares us because it kills so much marine life. Thankfully we discussed how we can help save the sea turtles along with other marine life! For example, we can recycle our plastics and avoid using products that contain micro-plastics.
Later in the afternoon, we watched the movie Moana and made some awesome necklaces!

Field Experiences:

Today we ventured out into the wildness to build on top of our research skills.
In the morning we headed for Anchorage Park. We loaded up in our kayaks and collected marine debris  we found all sorts of pollution including a great deal of plastic. We really hope our cleanup helped save and protect some marine life.
In the afternoon we ate our lunches at the picnic tables at the park then departed for Northlake Marina. We participated in a plankton tow. On the boat we pulled a special net behind us. The netting is so small so only plankton can be caught. We collected some awesome samples to look at tomorrow! Then we had some free swim time at peanut island! The water was beautiful and cooling off felt great!
Back at LMC we worked on finishing up our ethograms for tomorrow.