Fun in the Sun

July 24, 2017

Today was a great day here at Loggerhead Marinelife Center! It was the first day of Turtle Adventures camp, so all of the groups were together. We started the morning off with get-to-know-you games, so that all of the campers were able to connect with their new friends. The counselors and CITs also introduced themselves to the campers, so that they knew a little bit about each of us. After that, each group rotated doing tours in the exhibit hall and in the turtle yard. When we were done with those, we went back into the education rooms for a Turtles 101 and a What is a Turtle PowerPoint. It was then lunchtime. All of the campers were able to socialize with one another for the first time, and a lot of new friends were made. It was finally time for the beach! We lathered up the sunscreen, filled our water bottles, and headed to the beach. We had plenty of fun playing in the waves. Thankfully, the water was calm so the campers were able to go out to waist level. When it was finally time to come back, the Leatherbacks were able to take a quick tour of the hospital and see how we treat sea turtles. Once everyone was dry, we watched a video about sunscreen and the importance of the right SPF and chemicals to protect yourself and the coral reefs. Overall, today was an awesome day here at Junior Marine Biologist Camp!

We are all excited for what tomorrow brings. The Loggerheads are excited for their field trip, where they get to go kayaking at J.D. State Park. The Greens and Leatherbacks will be on campus, but they are still excited for the days they have planned. The Leatherbacks will have their predator day and the Greens will learn about coastal habitat.