We both had another busy day here at Loggerhead learning all we could about being sustainable anglers, and being Junior Researchers! We were tired out, but had such a great day!

The Loggerheads (ages 6-9 Ms. Brooke and Ms. Abby)

We jumped on the bus first thing in the morning to head out on our fishing field trip to learn what it takes to be a sustainable angler! With our sunscreen, water bottles, fishing poles, and bait, we headed to Juno Beach Pier for our first stop!

When we got to the pier, we practiced casting in the sand with weighted rods and learned about responsible angling including what types of hooks to use, why it’s important to be aware of fishing regulations, and how to properly dehook a fish.

Next, we fished off the pier, catching snappers, crevalle jack, and a blue runner!







After we’d wrapped up at the pier, we headed to Sawfish Bay Park for lunch. We then spent the afternoon there catching snapper, puffer fish, pinfish, and even crabs.








When we got back to Loggerhead, we headed out to the sea turtle hospital to look at our turtle patients before heading home! We had such a great day and can’t wait to be back tomorrow for a day snorkeling and seining at Blowing Rocks!

The Leatherbacks (ages 10-13 Mr. Dalton and Ms. Nicole)

We had a super busy day here on campus as Jr. Researchers learning more in depth about what our research team does here at LMC! We started the morning off by heading to the exhibit hall to talk about satellite trackers, PIT tags, flipper tags, and the 9.5 miles of beach we monitor from Tequesta, Jupiter, and Juno Beach! Ms. Nicole also talked about the nesting process as well as what happens when turtles hatch 45-60 days later!


We then headed out to the beach with Ms. Casey (LMC’s Community Outreach Coordinator and camp expert!) who led a nest excavation of a hatched out nest three days ago and talked about success rate and why we like to have that information for conservation efforts! It was so cool seeing the hatched eggs, unhatched eggs, partially developed embryos, and what a nest looks like in real life!






Following our nest excavation, we headed inside for a presentation by Ms. Nicole about nesting 101! It’s so cool knowing we are on one of the densest nesting beaches around for sea turtles, and second most dense for Loggerhead turtles!

Halfway through, the director of research even brought in leatherback hatchlings for us to see! It’s incredible thinking such a little one grows to be the largest turtle in the ocean–and also really cool to see leatherbacks that typically only staff and the research department get to see since they’re unable to be placed in turtle yard tanks with the other hatchlings!


After our presentation, we had lunch and headed out to the beach to play in the water on such a hot day!


We headed back inside, changed, and then Ms. Casey came back for a presentation on gopher tortoises–and we even got to head out in the hammock vegetation behind LMC to take data on gopher tortoise burrows!


We had such a great day learning to be Jr. Researchers and can’t wait to be back tomorrow for another fun day snorkeling and seining at Blowing Rocks!