We can’t believe it’s over, and we also can’t believe we had such a successful and adventurous summer here at LMC learning all about sea turtles, the ocean, and ways we can help protect all of it in the future! Our future marine biologists were awesome all summer, and it’s such a bittersweet feeling knowing it has come to the end of the season. However, we’re excited to see what next year brings and hope to see familiar faces back next year!

The Loggerheads (Ms. Brooke & Ms. Abby ages 6-10)

Our day was spent learning to be Jr. Educators, and we started the day off with a presentation by Ms. Brooke and Ms. Abby about threats the sea turtles, what we can do to help, and the importance of environmental education.

Next, we did a beach clean up and had beach time. It was crazy to see how many items we found on our beaches that we’d talked about being threats to sea turtles, ecosystems, vegetation, and reefs! We were glad to help, though.


After lunch, we made our sea turtle dioramas to present what we learned about turtles to our parents and friends. We got super creative with our projects, and had a great time making art. It was a wonderful, closeout to the week and the summer!

Field Experiences (Mr. Dalton & Ms. Nicole, high-school students)

What an incredible week we had here at LMC learning to be field researchers, junior marine biologists, and explorers. We had such a great week outdoors learning about protecting not only sea turtle populations, but the ocean, mangrove habitats, coastlines, and other ecosystems as well!

We started our morning off with a walk to the pier to talk about LMC’s adoption of it in 2014 and taking the “Responsible Pier Initiative” to operate a more sustainable pier. We learned about responsible angling, then tried our hand out at fishing off the pier! Our look was pretty good and we ended up catching quite a few fish–but we also saw just by observation huge nurse sharks, barracuda, rays, and other cool marine life!







After our morning spent fishing, we headed back to LMC and along the way picked up trash on the coastline for an activity with our conservation department later. We found so many different items littering our beaches (everything from socks to microplastics), and it was great to help our beaches out.

Following our beach cleanup, we came back to campus to sort our findings and record the data for conservation. LMC has taken the initiative to take data and implement strategies to reduce the amount of waste we find on our beaches, and this data was put towards the project!

We then came inside for lunch while a previous CIT (assistant counselor from the summer) presented to us about marine debris, specifically the process of recycling and reducing the use of single-use plastics to cut down on greenhouse gas emission.

Our day was almost up, but not without a final lab analyzing our microplastic samples with a float test, burn test, and grid analysis with Ms. Casey in the outdoor learning lab.




We finished our day with a panel of LMC staff and other individuals in marine biology careers for us to ask questions about the process of obtaining a career in marine science, and it was really incredible to be able to have the opportunity to hear their stories!




We were sad to leave our new friends and also sad our experience here at LMC was up, but we hope to do something with what we learned this week, and be back next year!

Thanks for an awesome summer!!