Happy Wednesday Blog Followers! 

Today at JMB Camp the Loggerheads stayed here on campus and became Jr. Researchers while the Leatherbacks ventured out to become responsible anglers.

The Loggerheads:

Today we had so much fun at LMC becoming Jr. Researchers! To begin the day we answered our turtle questions and talked about what we already knew about research. Then we headed into the exhibit hall and listened to Ms. Libby talk about the research team here at LMC. We learned all about the different kinds of tagging and tracking methods for sea turtles. We had no idea all the work they put into helping these turtles.

Back in the classroom we had some snack and got prepped for the beach! We applied our sunscreen and filled our water bottles. On our way, we saw a gopher tortoise right next to the pathway just munching on its lunch!

At the beach the green flag was flying so we played in the beautiful crystal blue waves.


At noon we headed up for lunch and playground time. The playground tired us out a little, so we headed inside and listened to Ms. Nicole tell us about nesting. We learned that the different species of turtle, leave different tracks on the beach when they nest. We were so fascinated by this so we went outside and played the turtle trek game to practice our turtle tracks.

Afterwards we headed inside and a big surprise was waiting for us. Some of the education staff swung by with a cooler. Inside were 4 baby hatchlings! It was amazing to see them up close and realize how tiny they actually are.


To close the day, we played trivia and colored some sea turtle drawings.

The Leatherbacks:

This beautiful Wednesday was a perfect day for our field trip!

In the morning we headed to the Juno Pier and practiced our casting. We had 3 practice poles we were able to use so we could warm up for our fishing-packed day.

When we felt ready, we adventured out on the pier! We dropped our lines in the water, using shrimp as bait. We only caught one fish, but we also witnessed what to do if someone ever catches a sea turtle on a line.  Ms. Katie brought a model turtle and a hoop net to help us practice. It was so much fun becoming Jr. Sea Turtle Rescuers.

Later on in the afternoon, we headed to Sawfish Bay Park and has some lunch. Then we dropped our lines in the water out there and caught some more fish, including a barracuda! We enjoyed fishing so much and learning how to be responsible.


Back at LMC, we went over some fish adaptations and why certain species have different fin and mouth shapes. Then we were able to design our very own fish species on paper. Explaining why we choose what fin shape and what mouth shape helped us understand how they would swim and what they would eat. 

To close up the day, we were amazed to see baby hatchlings up close! Education staff members brought the hatclings into the classroom in a cooler so we could observe them. It was so cool and reminded us just how important LMC is for the sea turtle community!

We cannot wait for tomorrow to watch the sea turtle release from the front row!